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Mil-ATERohde & Schwarz offers signal generators, spectrum, network and audio analyzers, as well as power meters that understand the existing code written for your test system.  Replace your discontinued instrumentation and know you can rely on perfect code emulation and long-term support.

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R&S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S®FPS is an exceptionally fast and compact signal and spectrum analyzer for performance oriented users. In production and in monitoring systems, only 2 HU of rack space are required - a reduction of 50% compared with traditional instruments.   Click here for more information

R&S®SGU100A SGMA Upconverter

The R&S®SGU100A SGMA Upconverter offers a frequency extension to 40 GHz. Equipped with the R&S®SGU100A, the R&S®SGS100A covers the entire frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz without modulation, and from 80 MHz to 40 GHz with Vector modulation.   Click here for more information

R&S®SGS100A SGMA RF Source

The R&S®SGS100A is an RF source designed to meet the requirements of automated test systems. It is available as a CW source or as a vector signal generator with an integrated I/Q modulator.   Click here for more information

R&S®SGMA Product Family - RF Source & Upconverter Product Brochure

The R&S®SGS100A is an RF source designed to meet the requirements of automated test systems. It is available as a CW source or as a vector signal generator with an integrated I/Q modulator. With its frequency range of up to 12.75 GHz, the vector signal generator version covers the essential digital signals. The CW version can be used as a flexible local oscillator as well as for interference testing against mobile radio standards. The R&S®SGU100A upconverter extends the frequency range to 40GHz.   Click here for more information

Using R&S®Forum Application for Instrument Remote Control

R&S®Forum is a free scripting tool for remote control of Rohde & Schwarz instruments. It allows users to run and edit example script sequences and to write their own script files, as well as on-the-fly remote control of instruments. Script files can range from simple command sequences (Winbatch syntax) to complex programs using the programming language Python.   Click here for more information

Legacy Pro Overview: Software-Code Compatibility for ATE Systems

Due to the costs and technical issues surrounding TPS modifications, legacy TPS programs demand that upgrade and replacement instruments be code-compatible.  R&S products replace a vast installed base of ATE instruments.  Click here for more information

Programming Interfaces (API) of Rohde & Schwarz Instruments

The majority of Rohde & Schwarz instruments can be remote-controlled directly by the VISA software using the SCPI command set and protocol.  Click here for more information

Connectivity and Hardware Interfaces

Rohde & Schwarz instruments offer a variety of interfaces for remote control including LAN, GPIB, USB or a combination of these.  Click here for more information

Instrument Drivers: LabVIEW®, LabWindows/CVI®, VXI Plug & Play, and IVI-COM

Rohde & Schwarz offers free LabVIEW®, LabWindows/CVI® and VXI Plug & Play instrument drivers supporting the latest firmware releases, as well as IVI-COM instrument drivers.  The use of R&S instrument drivers requires VISA software installation on your host PC.  Click here for more information 

Remote Emulation with the R&S®SMA100A Signal Generator - 1GP93

This application note describes how to use the remote emulation feature in general. It also describes in detail the remote emulation for each supported instrument, limitations of the individual emulations and the remaining differences between the emulated and the original commands. View application note here

Speeding up Spectrum Analyzer Measurements

Test time is a critical parameter when it comes to evaluating the cost of test. This application note describes typical spectrum analyzer measurements in production environments and discusses different approaches to speed them up.  View application note here

Replacement of Obsolete Measuring Instruments in A&D Test Systems

This white paper discusses the challenges of TPS migration and the tools available from R&S to assist in ATE modernization.  View white paper here

Fast Remote Instrument Control with HiSLIP - 1MA208

This application note introduces the IVI High Speed LAN Instrument Protocol (HiSLIP) and outlines its main features.  HiSLIP is the successor to the VXI-11 LAN protocol.  View application note here

Development Hints and Best Practices for Using Instrument Drivers - 1MA153

This application note answers frequently asked questions and provides examples regarding Rohde & Schwarz instrument drives and their programming environments.  View application note here

Introduction to Attribute-Based Instrument Drivers - 1MA170

This application note introduces a novel attribute-based architecture for VXI Plug & Play instrument drivers.  The presented architecture uses the attribute-based concept of IVI-C instrument drivers to introduce a two-layer design for VXI Plug & Play instrument drivers.  View application note here

How to use Rohde & Schwarz Instruments in MATLAB®- 1MA171

This application note outlines different approaches for remote-controlling Rohde & Schwarz instruments out of MathWorks MATLAB®.  For this purpose, the Rohde & Schwarz VXI Plug & Play instrument drivers are used.  View application note here

Hints and Tricks for Remote Control of Spectrum and Network Analyzers - 1EF62

This application note provides hints for implementing remote control programs using Rohde & Schwarz spectrum and network analyzers and makes suggestions for improved remote control performance.View application note here

Top Ten SCPI Programming Tips for Signal Generators - 1GP79_0

This application note briefly summarizes basic tips and information about SCPI programming for remote-controlling Rohde & Schwarz signal generators.View application note here

R&S®SCPI Recorder and Code Generator

Demonstration of test automation feature for speeding up program code development.View video here

Controlling R&S® Instruments with LabVIEW

View this four-part webcast series to learn the basics of controlling Rohde & Schwarz instruments with NI LabVIEW software. The webcast series covers the LabVIEW graphical development environment as well as finding and using instrument drivers to connect to your Rohde & Schwarz instruments. Demos show how to connect to an R&S®SMBV100A vector signal generator and an R&S®FSV7 signal and spectrum analyzer. The series also covers the use of attribute-based drivers for power programmers. View video here

Remote Control of Rohde & Schwarz Instruments

This is a five-part series of webinars that discuss different aspects of remote control operation of R&S instruments, including: Interactive Remote Control, Remote Control Interfaces and SCPI, Raw Socket Programming, VISA Programming and Instrument Driver Programming.View video here

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