Satellite Communications

Cyber SecuritySatellite testing brings unique challenges, from the satellite and its payload to the ground station terminal.  Rigorous testing is necessary to ensure that the satellite works right the first time - there is no room for error.  RF and microwave measurements must be as accurate as possible, from SSPA and TWTA components or LO and PLL subsystems to complete satellite assembly, test, and integration.  With our leadership in spectrum analysis, cutting-edge network analyzer technology and wide range of signal generators and power meters, we have the right tools to ensure that your satellite system is tested correctly. 


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Performance Vector Network Analyzers: ZVA Series to 110 GHz

The R&S®ZVA series includes high-end VNAs with up to four sources for sophisticated measurements up to 110 GHz, and extendable to 500 GHz. Click here for more information

Performance Spectrum (Signal) Analyzers

The R&S Spectrum (Signal) Analyzers offer a variety of products up to 67 GHz and wide vector signal analysis bandwidths to 100's MHz.  Click here for more information

Group Delay Measurement using a Spectrum Analyzer

Option FSW-K17 provides a new method of addressing group delay measurements utilizing a spectrum analyzer that is ideal for ground station equalization and frequency translated measurement applications.  Click here for more information

Multipath, Thermal and Wideband Power Sensors: NRP-Z Series

The R&S®NRP-Z Power Sensors have outstanding accuracy and the dynamic range for a variety of applications up to 110 GHz.  Click here for more information

Performance Baseband, Analog, Vector, and Microwave Signal Generators

The R&S Signal Generators are available in Baseband, RF and Microwave frequency models with Analog and Vector Generation capability.  Click here for more information

How to Select an Analog Signal Generator

This primer provides an overview of analog signal generators including their key specifications, modulation capabilities and applications, thus providing helpful information in determining which analog signal generator is the best fit for your application.   View primer here

Noise Power Ratio Signal Generation and Measurement

Noise Power Ratio (NPR) is an add-on tool for WinIQSI(TM) to generate noise power ratio stimulus signals and measure the resulting noise power ratio of a device under test (DUT) using Rohde & Schwarz instruments via LAN or GPIB bus.  Click here to view application note and .exe files

Speed Considerations for Spurious Level Measurements with Spectrum Analyzers - 1EF80_1E

This application note describes the differences in sweep speed between classical swept spectrum analyzers and modern spectrum analyzers with a wide-band FFT process, and how this improves the measurement speed for general spurious measurement.  View application note here

Generating Wideband I/Q Waveform Signals - 1GP75_2E

This application note describes the generation of radio frequency signals from wideband I/Q waveforms using the R&S®AFQ100B UWB Signal and I/Q Modulation Generator in combination with the R&S®SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator.  View application note here

The Y Factor Technique for Noise Figure Measurements - 1MA178_1

This application note describes in detail the steps required to make a noise figure measurement on a spectrum analyzer using the "Y Factor" technique.  Background equations are presented for each step of the calculation and measurement uncertainty is reviewed.  View application note here

Noise Figure Measurements Without a Noise Source on a Vector Network Analyzer - 1EZ61_2E

This application note describes the noise figure measurement using the R&S Vector Network Analyzers of the ZVA and ZVT series.  It explains the concept of measuring noise figure without the need for a characterized noise source.  Furthermore, it discusses different measurement applications and the respective setup and implications.  View application note here

Group Delay and Phase Measurements on Frequency Converters - 1EZ60_1E

This application note describes a method using the R&S®ZVA to measure group delay of mixers and frequency converters very accurately without access to the local oscillator of the device under test.  View application note here

Characterization of Satellite Frequency Up-Converters - 1MA224

This application note describes methods using an R&S®ZVA Network Analyzer, one or two R&S®SMB100A Signal Generators and an R&S®FSW Signal Analyzer to accurately measure all the key parameters of frequency converters with embedded local oscillator. A commercial satellite up-converter is used as a device under test example.  View application note here

Millimeter-Wave Measurements Using Converters to 110 GHz - 1EZ55_0E

The converters offered for the R&S®ZVA family extend the vector network analyzers' frequency range to include the millimeter-wave range (EHF band).  This application note describes the R&S®ZVA-Z110 converters covering the W band (75 GHz to 110 GHz).  View application note here

Multiport Millimeter-Wave Measurement Using Converters of the R&S®ZVA Family - 1EZ56

This application note describes measurements with three or four converters in the W-band.  Test configurations for such measurements have so far been implemented only with coaxial connector systems for a frequency range up to approximately 40 GHz.  The term "multiport measurements" was created for this type of measurement.  View application note here

Testing Millimeter-Wave Mixers Using Converters to 325 GHz - 1EZ57_0E

This application note describes typical measurements on millimeter-wave mixers and millimeter-wave frontends to 325 GHz.  It also discusses a signal identification method that enables spurious measurements to be performed in the millimeter-wave range using a R&S®ZVA Network Analyzer in conjunction with a converter.  View application note here

Measurements on Generic OFDM Signals - 1EF65

This application note illustrates the operation of the OFDM measurement software available on R&S Spectrum Analyzers.  It describes applications, setup, features, settings and results.  View application note here

Waveguide Systems for Aerospace and Defense

This capabilities brochure describes the custom design capabilities to provide thermal-vac qualified waveguides use in the development and test of satellites.  View brochure here

Precise and Adjustable Output Levels from 50 GHz to 110 GHz using SMZ Multipliers

This video shows integrated signal generation benefits of the SMZ series multipliers for high frequency applications.  View video here

FSW Noise Figure Measurement Video

This video demonstrates the noise figure measurement capability of the FSW Spectrum Analyzers when using the Option K30 Noise Figure Measurement software.  View video here

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